Apex Legends Counter picks

LegendsCounter Pick
BangaloreBloodhound, Gibraltar
BloodhoundCrypto, Caustic
GibraltarWattson, Mad Maggie
LifelineRevenant, Caustic
PathfinderWattson, Revenant
WraithCrypto, Caustic
MirageBloodhound, Rampart
CausticLifeline, Crypto
OctaneCrypto, Wattson
WattsonCaustic, Bangalore
CryptoBloodhound, Mirage
RevenantGibraltar, Lifeline
LobaCatalyst, Mad Maggie
RampartMirage, Bangalore
HorizonMad Maggie, Crypto
FuseBangalore, Caustic
ValkyrieCrypto, Wattson
SeerBloodhound, Wraith
AshWraith, Lifeline
CatalystMad Maggie, Octane
Mad MaggieWattson,
NewcastleBangalore, Gibraltar
BallisticMirage, Revenant
VantageRevenant, Fuse
apex legends counter picks

Apex Legends: Mastering Character Counter Picks for Victory

Are you ready to dominate the fierce battles of Apex Legends? As a player of this thrilling battle royale game, you know that character selection plays a pivotal role in your success. Understanding the concept of counter picks is crucial to gaining a competitive advantage over your opponents. In this article, we will delve into the world of counter picks in Apex Legends and explore why certain characters excel as formidable counters to specific opponents. Prepare to harness the power of strategic counter picks and claim victory in the Apex Games!


Unleashing the Power of Counter Picks

In Apex Legends, counter picking involves the strategic selection of characters whose abilities and attributes can effectively neutralize or exploit the strengths and weaknesses of specific opponents. By carefully choosing counter picks, you can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Let’s dive into a few examples of powerful counter picks in Apex Legends:


Wattson vs. Gibraltar

Gibraltar, known for his defensive capabilities and fortified status, can be a formidable opponent on the battlefield. However, Wattson, the brilliant electrical engineer, serves as an exceptional counter pick against Gibraltar. Wattson’s ultimate ability, “Interception Pylon,” destroys incoming ordnance and prevents Gibraltar’s devastating bombardment from wreaking havoc. Additionally, Wattson’s passive ability, “Spark of Genius,” accelerates her ultimate ability recharge rate, allowing her to consistently provide a safe zone against Gibraltar’s aggressive offensive tactics. With Wattson’s defensive prowess, Gibraltar’s attacks are neutralized, giving you a significant advantage.


Bloodhound vs. Mirage

Mirage, the master of deception, excels at confusing and disorienting opponents with his holographic decoys. However, Bloodhound, the technological tracker, emerges as a powerful counter pick against Mirage’s illusions. Bloodhound’s tactical ability, “Eye of the Allfather,” reveals enemies, including Mirage’s decoys, within its range, nullifying Mirage’s main advantage. Furthermore, Bloodhound’s ultimate ability, “Beast of the Hunt,” enhances their senses, allowing them to spot Mirage’s cloaked movements and engage with precision. By seeing through Mirage’s tricks and maintaining a keen focus, Bloodhound can seize control of the encounter and eliminate Mirage with ease.


Caustic vs. Bangalore

Bangalore, the versatile combat professional, possesses tactical smoke grenades that provide cover and disorient opponents. To counter Bangalore’s smoke-based tactics, Caustic, the toxic trapper, becomes an ideal choice. Caustic’s tactical ability, “Nox Gas Trap,” creates a cloud of poisonous gas that not only blocks Bangalore’s vision but also deals damage over time. Additionally, Caustic’s ultimate ability, “Nox Gas Grenade,” blankets a large area with toxic gas, further restricting Bangalore’s mobility and visibility. With Caustic’s ability to control the battlefield with gas and exploit Bangalore’s reliance on smoke, victory is within your grasp.



In the ever-evolving world of Apex Legends, mastering counter picks is essential to secure victory in intense battles. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different legends and strategically selecting powerful counter picks can give you a significant edge over your opponents. We explored a few examples of potent counter picks, including Wattson countering Gibraltar, Bloodhound countering Mirage, and Caustic countering Bangalore.


Remember, effective counter picking goes beyond just character selection. It requires understanding each legend’s abilities, studying their playstyles, and adapting your strategies accordingly. Stay updated with the latest balance changes and meta shifts to ensure your counter pick choices remain optimal.


Engage with the Apex Legends community by participating in discussions, watching

streams, and studying professional players’ strategies. Collaborating with fellow players and sharing insights can help you refine your counter pick game and discover new approaches to challenging matchups.


While counter picks can give you an advantage, it’s important to remember that overall gameplay skill, communication with teammates, and strategic decision-making are also critical factors in achieving victory. Counter picks should be seen as a tool in your arsenal, but they won’t guarantee success on their own.


Experiment with different combinations of legends and explore team synergies. Communication and coordination with your squadmates are crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of your counter pick strategies. Understanding each other’s strengths and utilizing them in synergy can lead to powerful combinations that overcome even the toughest opponents.


Keep in mind that Apex Legends is a dynamic game, and the meta can shift over time. Stay adaptable, be willing to learn and adapt your strategies as new legends are introduced and balance changes occur. This flexibility will ensure that your counter pick choices remain relevant and effective.


In summary, mastering character counter picks in Apex Legends is a vital skill that can significantly impact your chances of victory. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different legends and strategically selecting powerful counters, you can gain a competitive edge. We explored examples such as Wattson countering Gibraltar, Bloodhound countering Mirage, and Caustic countering Bangalore.


Remember to practice, communicate effectively with your team, and stay informed about updates and changes in the game. With a thorough understanding of counter picks and a well-coordinated team, you can rise above the competition and achieve success in the Apex Games.


So, choose your legends wisely, analyze matchups meticulously, and embrace the power of counter picks to become a formidable force in the ever-competitive world of Apex Legends!