CharacterCounter Picks
AnaD.Va, Tracer, Junker Queen
AsheWidowmaker, Hanzo, Tracer
BaptisteD.Va, Genji, Doomfist
BastionD.Va, Sigma, Winston
BrigitteHanzo, Pharah, Bastion
CassidyWidowmaker, Winston, Baptiste
DoomfistReaper, Echo, Junker Queen
D.VaSombra, Roadhog, Zarya
EchoWidowmaker, Hanzo, Sojourn
GenjiPharah, Brigitte, Winston
HanzoWidowmaker, Winston, D.Va
JunkratOrisa, Sigma, D.Va
Junker QueenBastion, Mei, Zenyatta
KirikoWidowmaker, Sojourn
LifeweaverWinston, D.Va, Genji
LucioTorbjorn, Moira, Winston
MaugaBastion, Ana, Zenyatta
MeiSombra, Widowmaker, Soldier:76
MercyWinston, Widowmaker, Sojourn
MoiraSombra, Winston, Wrecking Ball
OrisaJunkrat, Pharah, Reaper
PharahSoldier:76, Widowmaker
RamattraD.Va, Sombra, Ashe
ReaperWidowmaker, Echo, Pharah
ReinhardtReaper, Bastion, Pharah
RoadhogOrisa, Sigma, Reaper
SigmaJunkrat, Pharah, Reaper
Solder:76Roadhog, Sigma, Genji
SojournWinston, Zarya, Lucio
SombraHanzo, Junkrat, Tracer
SymmetraD.Va, Pharah, Winston
TorbjornPharah, Widowmaker, Echo
TracerAna, Brigitte, Winston
WidowmakerWinston, D.Va, Sojourn
WinstonRoadhog, Moira, Reaper
Wrecking BallSombra, Reaper, Bastion
ZaryaPhara, Sombra, Bastion
ZenyattaJunker Queen, Winston, Widowmaker
Overwatch 2 counter picks

Overwatch 2: Mastering Hero Counter Picks for Tactical Advantage

Are you ready to take on the fast-paced battles of Overwatch 2? As a player of this highly competitive team-based shooter, you know that selecting the right heroes is crucial to securing victory. Understanding the concept of counter picks can give you a strategic edge over your opponents. In this article, we will delve into the world of counter picks in Overwatch 2 and explore why certain heroes excel as formidable counters to specific opponents. Get ready to master the art of counter picks and dominate the battlefield in Overwatch 2!


Unleashing the Power of Counter Picks

Counter picking in Overwatch 2 revolves around strategically selecting heroes whose abilities and playstyles can effectively counter or exploit the strengths and weaknesses of specific opponents. By analyzing the enemy team composition and making wise counter pick choices, you can greatly impact the outcome of the match. 


Let’s delve into a few examples of powerful counter picks in Overwatch 2:


Zarya vs. Doomfist

Doomfist, the mobile and highly aggressive hero, can be a challenging opponent to deal with. However, Zarya, the powerful tank hero, emerges as a potent counter pick against Doomfist’s disruptive playstyle. Zarya’s barrier abilities, such as “Projected Barrier” and “Particle Barrier,” can absorb Doomfist’s powerful attacks and prevent him from gaining shields with his “The Best Defense” passive. As Zarya charges her energy, she becomes even more formidable, dealing high damage to Doomfist and limiting his ability to engage effectively. With Zarya’s ability to nullify Doomfist’s burst damage and control his mobility, she becomes an ideal hero to counter his aggressive onslaught.


Ramattra vs. Pharah

Pharah, the flying aerial threat, can wreak havoc on the battlefield with her rocket barrages and mobility. However, Ramattra, the heavily armored hero with a Gatling gun, serves as an excellent counter pick against Pharah’s dominance in the skies. Ramattra’s “Heavy Cannon” and “Bulwark” abilities allow him to deal consistent damage to Pharah, even at long ranges. Additionally, Ramattra’s ultimate ability, “Barrage,” unleashes a hail of bullets that can effectively bring down Pharah while she is airborne. With Ramattra’s ability to keep Pharah in check and deny her aerial superiority, he becomes a formidable adversary in countering her explosive attacks.


Orisa vs. Tracer

Tracer, the nimble and elusive hero, can be a challenging opponent to track and eliminate. However, Orisa, the anchor tank with strong defensive capabilities, serves as a powerful counter pick against Tracer’s hit-and-run tactics. Orisa’s “Fortify” ability reduces incoming damage and prevents Tracer’s Pulse Pistols from eliminating her quickly. Additionally, Orisa’s “Halt!” ability can disrupt Tracer’s movement and force her into predictable paths, making it easier to land shots and eliminate her. With Orisa’s ability to withstand Tracer’s burst damage and control her movement, she becomes a reliable hero to counter Tracer’s high-mobility harassment.



Mastering counter picks is a crucial aspect of achieving success in Overwatch 2. By strategically selecting heroes that can exploit the weaknesses of specific opponents, you gain a significant advantage in the game. We explored examples such as Zarya countering Doomfist, RamaTTRA countering Pharah, and Orisa countering Tracer.

However, counter picks alone won’t guarantee victory. Effective communication, teamwork, and individual gameplay skills are equally important in achieving success. Here are some additional tips to enhance your counter pick strategy in Overwatch 2:


  1. Understand the enemy team composition: Before making your counter pick decisions, carefully analyze the enemy team composition. Identify their key threats, playstyles, and hero synergies. This information will guide you in selecting the most effective counter picks.

  2. Coordinate with your team: Counter picks work best when combined with effective communication and coordination within your team. Share your strategies, discuss hero selections, and coordinate abilities to maximize the impact of your counter picks. Collaborative teamwork can amplify the effectiveness of your chosen heroes.

  3. Stay flexible and adaptable: Overwatch 2 is a dynamic game, with constant updates and balance changes. Stay informed about hero adjustments, patch notes, and the evolving meta. Be prepared to adjust your counter pick choices and adapt your strategies accordingly.

  4. Practice and master your chosen heroes: Counter picks are only as effective as your proficiency with the chosen heroes. Invest time in practicing and mastering the abilities, mechanics, and playstyles of your selected heroes. This will enable you to maximize their potential and execute effective counter strategies.

  5. Utilize synergistic hero combinations: In addition to countering specific heroes, consider the synergy between your chosen heroes and the rest of your team. Certain hero combinations can amplify each other’s strengths and create devastating strategies. Experiment with different hero compositions to discover new synergies and surprise your opponents.

Remember, counter picks are just one aspect of achieving victory in Overwatch 2. Effective teamwork, communication, and individual gameplay skills are equally crucial. Counter picks should be seen as tools that complement your overall strategy and team synergy.


In conclusion, mastering the art of counter picks in Overwatch 2 can provide you with a significant advantage in battle. We explored examples such as Zarya countering Doomfist, Ramattra countering Pharah, and Orisa countering Tracer. However, effective communication, coordination, and individual gameplay skills are equally important for achieving victory. Embrace the strategy of counter picks, adapt to the evolving meta, and work synergistically with your team to dominate the battlefield in Overwatch 2.


So, gear up, choose your heroes wisely, and get ready to outplay and outsmart your opponents with strategic counter picks in Overwatch 2!