BrawlerCounter Picks
8-BitBonnie, Max
Amber8-Bit, Sprout, Surge
AshEmz, Nita, Crow
BarleyColt, Rico, Pam
BeaMandy, Ash, Edgar
BelleHank, Lou, Crow
Bibi8-Bit, Maisie, Morti
BoHank, Mortis, 8-Bit
BonnieHank, Crow, Mr. P
BrockPam, Nita, Poco, Bull, Piper
BullMortis, Pam, Leon
BusterHank, Tara, Mortis
BuzzShelly, Mortis, Griff
ByronMandy, Tick, Colette
CarlBibi, Hank, Nani
ColettePenny, Carl, Byron
Colonel RuffsMaisie, El Primo, Bull
ColtSpike, Shelly, El Primo
Crow8-Bit, El Primo, Shelly
DarrylMaisie, Mortis, Penny
DynamikeEdgar, Fang, Barley
EdgarLou, Buzz, Stu, Squeak
El PrimoAsh, Max, Darryl
EmzAsh, Rico, Gray
EvePiper, Hank, Mandy
FangShelly, Gray, Buzz
FrankMortis, Nita, 8-Bit
GaleMax, Hank
GeneAmber, Sprout, Gus
GrayPiper, Surge, Mandy
GriffShelly, Penny, Hank
GromWillow, Maisie
GusBonnie, Mr. P, Shelly
JackyMortis, Tara, Surge
JanetHank, Brock, Tara
JessieShelly, El Primo, Pam
LeonPam, El Primo, Brock
LouBelle, Stu
MandyNani, Crow, Bonnie
Max8-Bit, Hank, Crow
MegSpike, Bea, Hank
MortisOtis, 8-Bit, Gene
Mr. PColette, Sprout
NaniGus, Bonnie, Stu
NitaDarryl, Tara, Mortis
Otis8-Bit, Hank, Mortis
PamCrow, El Primo, Nita
PennyJessie, Pam, Poco
PiperFrank, Pam, Jessie
PocoPam, Shelly, Pam
RicoShelly, Nita, Colt
RosaPiper, Pam, Hank
SamHank, Bibi
SandyGale, Hank, Mortis
ShellyBull, El Primo, Darryl
SpikeColt, El Primo, Pam
SproutAmber, Hank
SqueakBea, Hank, Carl
StuColonel Ruffs, Maisie, Hank
SurgeJacky, 8-Bit, Colette
TaraPam, Poco, Crow
TickGrom, 8-Bit, Hank
WillowHank, Dynamike, Shelly

Brawl Stars: Mastering Character Counter Picks for Victory

Are you ready to brawl your way to victory in the action-packed world of Brawl Stars? As a player of this exciting mobile multiplayer game, you understand the importance of selecting the right characters, or brawlers, to dominate the battlefield. One key aspect of strategic gameplay is understanding counter picks, where you choose brawlers that excel at countering specific opponents. In this article, we will explore the world of counter picks in Brawl Stars and discuss why certain brawlers are the best matchups against others. Get ready to master the art of counter picks and rise to the top of the leaderboards in Brawl Stars!


Unleashing the Power of Counter Picks

Counter picking in Brawl Stars involves selecting brawlers whose abilities and playstyles effectively counter or exploit the strengths and weaknesses of specific opponents. By analyzing the enemy team composition and making wise counter pick choices, you can gain a significant advantage in matches. 


Let’s delve into a few examples of powerful counter picks in Brawl Stars:


Gene vs. Rosa

Rosa, with her high health and damage output, can be a tough opponent to deal with. However, Gene, the support brawler with a powerful long-range attack, emerges as a formidable counter pick against Rosa’s tankiness. Gene’s “Magic Puffs” star power allows him to heal his teammates, mitigating Rosa’s damage over time. Additionally, Gene’s super ability, “Magic Hand,” can pull Rosa towards him, preventing her from closing in on his teammates and neutralizing her close-range advantage. With Gene’s healing capabilities and ability to control Rosa’s movement, he becomes an invaluable counter pick in countering her tanky presence on the battlefield.


Spike vs. Frank

Frank, the heavy-hitting melee brawler, can deal devastating damage if left unchecked. However, Spike, the long-range area denial brawler, serves as an excellent counter pick against Frank’s slow movement and limited range. Spike’s “Fertilize” star power allows him to heal himself and his teammates, mitigating Frank’s damage output. Additionally, Spike’s attack can deal damage over time, whittling down Frank’s health while staying at a safe distance. Spike’s super ability, “Stick Around,” can also slow down Frank, making it easier for Spike and his teammates to kite and defeat him. With Spike’s long-range damage and control abilities, he becomes an ideal counter pick to keep Frank at bay and control the battlefield.


Bea vs. Tick

Tick, the explosive area denial brawler, poses a significant threat with his ability to control and zone out opponents. However, Bea, the sharpshooting sniper, becomes the best matchup against Tick’s stationary playstyle. Bea’s long-range attacks allow her to deal high damage to Tick from a safe distance, preventing him from comfortably setting up his mines and controlling the area. Additionally, Bea’s super ability, “Rattled Hive,” reveals Tick’s position and deals damage, forcing him to reposition and interrupting his control tactics. With Bea’s long-range precision and ability to disrupt Tick’s zoning, she becomes an invaluable brawler for countering his explosive gameplay.



Mastering counter picks is a crucial aspect of achieving victory in Brawl Stars. By strategically selecting brawlers that can exploit the weaknesses of specific opponents, you gain a significant advantage in battles. We explored examples such as Gene countering Rosa, Spike countering Frank, and Bea countering Tick.

However, it’s important to remember that counter picks alone won’t guarantee victory. Effective teamwork, communication, and individual gameplay skills are equally important for success in Brawl Stars. Here are some additional tips to enhance your counter pick strategy:


  1. Know the enemy: Before making your counter pick decisions, analyze the enemy team composition and identify their key threats. Understand the playstyle and strengths of each opponent to determine the most effective counter picks.

  2. Coordinate with your team: Counter picks work best when combined with effective communication and coordination within your team. Share your strategies, discuss brawler selections, and coordinate attacks and abilities to maximize the impact of your counter picks.

  3. Adapt to the game mode: Different game modes in Brawl Stars require different strategies. Consider the specific objectives and map layouts of each game mode when making your counter pick choices. Certain brawlers may excel in certain game modes, so adjust your selections accordingly.

  4. Master multiple brawlers: Don’t rely on a single counter pick. Mastering a diverse roster of brawlers will give you flexibility in adapting to different situations. Experiment with different combinations and team compositions to discover new synergies and counter pick strategies.

  5. Stay up-to-date: Brawl Stars is a game that evolves over time with balance changes and updates. Stay informed about brawler adjustments, new releases, and the evolving meta. Regularly check patch notes and follow the Brawl Stars community to stay ahead of the game.

Remember, counter picks are just one piece of the puzzle. Effective teamwork, map awareness, and individual skill are crucial components of success in Brawl Stars. Counter picks should be seen as tools to complement your overall strategy and team coordination.


In conclusion, mastering the art of counter picks in Brawl Stars can give you a significant advantage on the battlefield. We explored examples such as Gene countering Rosa, Spike countering Frank, and Bea countering Tick. However, effective teamwork, communication, and individual gameplay skills are equally important for achieving victory. Embrace the strategy of counter picks, adapt to the evolving meta, and work synergistically with your team to dominate the world of Brawl Stars.


So, choose your brawlers wisely, communicate with your teammates, and get ready to outplay and outsmart your opponents with strategic counter picks in Brawl Stars!