Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Counter picks

CharacterCounter Picks
Banjo & KazooiePalutena, Lucina
BayonettaLucario, Pichu
BowserYoung Link, Pikachu
Bowser Jr.Link, Pikachu
BylethPikachu, Joker
Captain FalconMr. Game & Watch, Pikachu, Luigi
CharizardPichu, Link
ChromPikachu, Squirtle
CloudPikachu, Shulk
CorrinSamus, Dark Samus
DaisyCloud, Shulk
Dark PitPikachu, Bowser Jr.
Dark SamusWolf, Fox
Diddy KongPikachu, Pichu
Donkey KongByleth, Captain Falcon, Pikachu
Dr. MarioPalutena, Lucina
Duck HuntZelda, Cloud
FalcoPichu, Pikachu
FoxLucina, Pikachu
GanondorfBayonetta, Bowser Jr.
GreninjaYoung Link, Snake
HeroRoy, Fox
Ice ClimbersSimon, Richter
IkePichu, Young Link
IncineroarRichter, Simon
InklingLucina, R.O.B.
IsabellePikachu, Palutena
IvysaurMega Man, Palutena
JigglypuffIke, Lucina
JokerPikachu, Lucina
KenNess, Pikachu
King DededePalutena, Pikachu
King K. RoolIsabelle, Ness
KirbyIke, Lucina
LinkPikachu, Wolf
Little MacRidley, Isabelle
LucarioBowser, Ness
LucasPalutena, Lucina
LucinaYoung Link, Snake
LuigiYoung Link, Samus
MarioLucina, Marth
MarthYoung Link, Pikachu
Mega ManWolf, Olimar
Meta KnightMega Man, Cloud, Yoshi
MewtwoPikachu, Pichu
Mii BrawlerPalutena, Mega Man
Mii GunnerJoker, Sonic
Mii SwordfighterPichu, Palutena
Min MinSonic, Palutena
Mr. Game & WatchIke, Cloud
NessLucina, Young Link
OlimarShulk, Wolf
Pac-ManPalutena, Fox
PalutenaPichu, Pikachu
PeachLucina, Link
PichuLucina, Snake
PikachuNess, Mr. Game And Watch
Piranha PlantSamus, Isabelle
PitPikachu, Pichu
Pokémon TrainerPikachu, Lucina
PyraJoker, Snake
R.O.B.Pikachu, Pichu
RichterPichu, Pikachu
RidleyPikachu, Sephiroth, Samus
RobinPichu, Squirtle
Rosalina & LumaChrom, Lucina, Simon
RoyPikachu, Snake
RyuSnake, Ness
SamusFox, Wolf
SephirothJoker, Palutena
SheikYoshi, Pichu
ShulkSnake, Pikachu
SimonPikachu, Mewtwo
SnakeNess, Lucas
SonicPikachu, Wolf
SoraDiddy Kong, Pikachu
SquirtlePikachu, Pichu
SteveJoker, Min Min
Terry BogardJoker, Lucina
Toon LinkFox, Wolf
VillagerPalutena, Pikachu
WarioLucina, Pikachu
Wii Fit TrainerPichu, Pikachu
WolfPikachu, Lucina
YoshiCloud, Lucina
Young LinkWolf, Palutena
ZeldaShulk, Yoshi
Zero Suit SamusPichu, Pikachu
super smash bros ultimate counter picks

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Unleashing Powerful Counter Picks for Competitive Success

Are you ready to take your Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gameplay to the next level? In the vast roster of characters, selecting the right fighters can make all the difference in securing victory. Understanding the concept of counter picks is essential to gain a strategic advantage over your opponents. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of counter picks in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and explore why certain characters excel as formidable counters to specific opponents. Get ready to dominate the battlefield with optimal counter pick strategies!

Decoding Counter Picks

In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, counter picks involve the art of selecting characters who possess abilities and attributes that can effectively neutralize or exploit the strengths and weaknesses of specific opponents. By capitalizing on favorable matchups, you can turn the tide of battle in your favor.


Let’s dive into a few examples of powerful counter picks in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate:


Pichu vs. King Dedede

King Dedede, the heavyweight ruler of Dream Land, boasts incredible strength and high survivability. However, Pichu, the tiny electric mouse, proves to be a remarkable counter pick against King Dedede. Pichu’s agility and speed allow for quick movement and evasion, making it challenging for King Dedede to land his powerful attacks. Pichu’s electric-based attacks are particularly effective against King Dedede’s large hitbox, dealing significant damage and exploiting his vulnerability. By pressuring King Dedede with lightning-fast combos, Pichu can easily dismantle his defenses.

Fox vs. Ganondorf

Ganondorf, the embodiment of evil and raw power, possesses devastating attacks capable of obliterating opponents. However, Fox, the agile and nimble space-faring fighter, emerges as a top-tier counter pick against Ganondorf. Fox’s unparalleled speed allows him to outmaneuver Ganondorf’s slower movements, making it difficult for the heavyweight villain to land punishing blows. Furthermore, Fox’s projectile attacks and aerial game excel at keeping Ganondorf at a distance, preventing him from utilizing his powerful close-range attacks effectively. With a combination of speed, ranged assaults, and evasive maneuvers, Fox can dominate the matchup against Ganondorf.

Bayonetta vs. Bowser

Bowser, the hulking king of the Koopas, boasts immense strength and durability, making him a force to be reckoned with. However, Bayonetta, the stylish and powerful witch, presents a unique counter pick against Bowser’s intimidating presence. Bayonetta’s combo-oriented playstyle allows her to string together devastating attacks, bypassing Bowser’s defenses and dealing significant damage. Additionally, Bayonetta’s Witch Time ability, which slows down time upon a successful counter, can turn the tables on Bowser’s relentless onslaught. By exploiting Bowser’s size and predictable movements, Bayonetta can unleash a flurry of attacks and emerge victorious.


In the world of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, mastering counter picks can give you a crucial advantage in competitive battles. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different fighters and strategically selecting powerful counter picks is key to outplaying your opponents. We explored a few examples of potent counter picks, including Pichu countering King Dedede, Fox countering Ganondorf, and Bayonetta countering Bowser.


Remember, honing your skills in counter picks requires practice, knowledge of character abilities, and understanding of matchups. Experiment with different fighters, learn their strengths and weaknesses, and adapt your strategies accordingly. By unleashing the power of optimal counter picks, you can rise through the ranks and achieve competitive success in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.



Stay up-to-date with the latest patches and balance changes, as character strengths and weaknesses may evolve over time. Additionally, consider studying the metagame and observing professional players to gain insights into effective counter pick strategies.


When selecting counter picks, it’s essential to consider factors such as mobility, range, projectile abilities, and match-specific attributes. Some characters may excel at exploiting an opponent’s weaknesses, while others may possess defensive tools to neutralize formidable foes.

Experiment with different matchups and explore character synergies within your chosen playstyle. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and explore new characters to expand your arsenal of counter picks. The more diverse your roster, the better equipped you’ll be to handle various opponents and adapt to different playstyles.


In addition to counter picks, remember that overall gameplay skill, understanding stage dynamics, and precise execution of techniques are equally important. Counter picks alone won’t guarantee victory, but they can certainly give you a competitive edge.


Engage with the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community by participating in online forums, joining tournaments, and watching streams. Discussing strategies and exchanging knowledge with fellow players can help you refine your counter pick game and discover new approaches to challenging matchups.


Ultimately, the key to success lies in practice, perseverance, and continuous learning. Embrace the ever-evolving nature of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and adapt your strategies accordingly. With dedication and a deep understanding of counter picks, you can enhance your gameplay and become a formidable force in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate competitive scene.


So, choose your characters wisely, explore counter pick options, and prepare to showcase your skills in exhilarating battles. With the power of optimal counter picks on your side, you’ll be well on your way to dominating the competition and achieving greatness in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!