AgentCounter Picks
AstraSova, Breach
BreachAstra, Omen
BrimstoneSova, Phoenix
CypherSova, Skye
FadeSova, Viper
GekkoKAY/O, Killjoy
HarborViper, KAY/O
JettBrimstone, Sage
KAY/OSage, Viper
KilljoyRaze, Sova
NeonAstra, Brimstone
OmenBreach, Phoenix
PhoenixAstra, Brimstone
RazeKilljoy, Sova
ReynaSage, Sova
SageJett, Raze
SkyeCypher, Omen
SovaAstra, Brimstone
ViperSova, Phoenix
YoruAstra, Cypher
valorant counter picks

Valorant: Mastering Character Counter Picks for Tactical Domination

Are you ready to outplay your opponents in the intense tactical battles of Valorant? As a player of this competitive first-person shooter, you understand the importance of selecting the right agents to secure victory. The concept of counter picking plays a vital role in gaining a strategic edge over your adversaries. In this article, we will explore the world of counter picks in Valorant and discuss why certain agents excel as powerful counters to specific opponents. Get ready to master the art of counter picks and dominate the battlefield in Valorant!


Unleashing the Power of Counter Picks

Counter picking in Valorant involves strategically selecting agents whose abilities and playstyles can effectively counter or exploit the strengths and weaknesses of specific opponents. By analyzing the enemy team composition and making wise counter pick choices, you can significantly impact the outcome of the match. Let’s delve into a few examples of potent counter picks in Valorant:


Sage vs. Phoenix

Phoenix, with his aggressive playstyle and self-sustainability, can be a formidable opponent to face on the battlefield. However, Sage, the versatile healer, serves as an excellent counter pick against Phoenix’s fiery aggression. Sage’s abilities, such as “Heal” and “Barrier Orb,” can negate Phoenix’s damage over time effects and provide valuable sustain to teammates. Additionally, Sage’s ultimate ability, “Resurrection,” can bring back fallen teammates, nullifying Phoenix’s potential advantage of eliminating opponents with his ultimate ability. With Sage’s healing capabilities and ability to negate Phoenix’s aggressive approach, she becomes an invaluable counter pick in countering his fiery wrath.


Cypher vs. Jett

Jett, the agile duelist, excels at maneuvering quickly across the map and eliminating opponents with precision. However, Cypher, the sentinel mastermind, emerges as a formidable counter pick against Jett’s hit-and-run tactics. Cypher’s abilities, such as “Trapwire” and “Cyber Cage,” can provide valuable information and slow down Jett’s movement, making it easier to track her and prevent surprise attacks. Furthermore, Cypher’s ultimate ability, “Neural Theft,” reveals the location of all remaining enemies, including Jett, giving your team a crucial advantage in locating and eliminating her. With Cypher’s ability to gather information and restrict Jett’s mobility, he becomes an essential agent for countering her swift and deadly strikes.


Breach vs. Raze

Raze, the explosive expert, poses a significant threat with her arsenal of explosive abilities and crowd control tools. However, Breach, the disruptor agent, becomes the perfect counter pick against Raze’s aggressive playstyle. Breach’s abilities, such as “Fault Line” and “Aftershock,” can incapacitate and damage Raze, preventing her from freely moving and using her explosive arsenal. Additionally, Breach’s ultimate ability, “Rolling Thunder,” disorients and suspends enemies, leaving Raze vulnerable and unable to utilize her abilities effectively. With Breach’s ability to disrupt and neutralize Raze’s explosive tactics, he becomes an invaluable agent for thwarting her destructive intentions.



Mastering counter picks is a crucial aspect of achieving success in Valorant. By strategically selecting agents that can exploit the weaknesses of specific opponents, you gain a significant advantage in the game. We explored examples such as Sage countering Phoenix, Cypher countering Jett, and Breach countering Raze.

However, it’s important to remember that counter picks alone won’t guarantee victory. Effective communication, teamwork, and individual gameplay skills are equally vital in achieving success. Counter picks should be

seen as a tool in your arsenal, complementing your overall strategy and teamwork.


To further enhance your counter pick game in Valorant, consider the following tips:


  1. Stay updated with the meta: Valorant is a dynamic game, with regular updates and balance changes that can impact agent strengths and weaknesses. Stay informed about patch notes, developer updates, and the evolving meta to adapt your counter pick choices accordingly.

  2. Communicate and coordinate: Counter picks work best when combined with effective communication and coordination within your team. Share your strategies, discuss agent selections, and coordinate abilities to maximize the impact of your counter picks.

  3. Analyze enemy team compositions: Before making your counter pick decisions, carefully analyze the enemy team composition. Identify their key threats, playstyles, and agent synergies. This information will guide you in selecting the most effective counter picks.

  4. Experiment with different agents: Valorant offers a diverse range of agents, each with unique abilities and playstyles. Experiment with different combinations and team compositions to discover new synergies and surprise your opponents with unexpected counter picks.

  5. Adapt and adjust: Remain flexible in your counter pick choices. As the game progresses and rounds unfold, reassess the effectiveness of your current counter picks and be ready to adjust your strategy if needed. Adaptability is key to success.

Remember, counter picks are not a guarantee of victory. They provide an advantage, but success ultimately depends on your overall gameplay skills, teamwork, and decision-making. Invest time in practicing your chosen agents, refining your aim, and improving your game sense to complement your counter pick strategy.


In conclusion, mastering the art of counter picks in Valorant can give you a significant advantage in battle. We explored examples such as Sage countering Phoenix, Cypher countering Jett, and Breach countering Raze. However, effective communication, coordination, and individual gameplay skills are equally important for achieving victory. Embrace the strategy of counter picks, adapt to the evolving meta, and work synergistically with your team to dominate the battlefield in Valorant.


So, gear up, choose your agents wisely, and get ready to outplay and outsmart your opponents with strategic counter picks in Valorant!