LegendsCounter Picks
AdaEmber, Wu Shang
ArcadiaWu Shang, Val
ArtemisNix, Asuri
AsuriDiana, Hattori
AzothGnash, Sentinel
BarrazaThatch, Cassidy
BodvarScarlet, Sentinel
BrynnEmber, Wu Shang
CaspianYumiko, Jhala
CassidyBarraza, Thatch
CrossSidra, Koji
DianaOrion, Ada
DuskOrion, Ada
EmberHattori, Asuri
EzioWu Shang, Val
FaitKaya, Rayman
GnashAzoth, Sentinel
HattoriDiana, Orion
IsaiahSir Roland, Asuri
JaeyunVal, Orion
JhalaYumiko, Caspian
JiroAsuri, Ember
KayaFait, Rayman
KojiOrion, Val
KorUlgrim, Teros
Lin FeiSidra, Xull
Lord VraxxAsuri, Hattori
LucienNai, Sidra
MagyarAzoth, Gnash
MakoScarlet, Sentinel
MirageKoji, Val
MordexThor, Orion
MuninSir Roland, Asuri
NixArtemis, Asuri
OnyxCaspian, Yumiko
OrionKoji, Val
PetraHattori, Asuri
Queen NaiLucien, Sidra
RagnirWu Shang, Val
RaymanKaya, Fait
Red RaptorOrion, Ada
RenoAda, Ember
ScarletBodvar, Sentinel
SentinelBodvar, Scarlet
SidraKoji, Lin Fei
Sir RolandAsuri, Hattori
TerosKor, Ulgrim
TezcaWu Shang, Val
ThatchBarraza, Cassidy
ThorMordex, Orion
UlgrimKor, Teros
ValOrion, Koji
VectorWu Shang, Zariel
VolkovZariel, Orion
Wu ShangAsuri, Hattori
XullLin Fei, Sidra
YukkaAzoth, Gnash
YumikoCaspian, Jhala
ZarielWu Shang, Val

Brawlhalla: Mastering Character Counter Picks for Competitive Success

Are you ready to engage in epic battles and showcase your skills in the world of Brawlhalla? As a player of this popular platform fighting game, you understand the importance of selecting the right characters, or legends, to gain an edge over your opponents. One key aspect of strategic gameplay is mastering the art of counter picks, where you choose legends that have favorable matchups against specific opponents. In this article, we will delve into the world of counter picks in Brawlhalla and explore why certain legends excel as counter picks against others. Get ready to enhance your competitive gameplay and climb the ranks in Brawlhalla!


Unleashing the Power of Counter Picks

Counter picking in Brawlhalla involves selecting legends whose abilities and playstyles can effectively counter or exploit the strengths and weaknesses of specific opponents. By understanding the mechanics and nuances of each legend and making informed counter pick choices, you can gain a significant advantage in battles. Let’s delve into a few examples of powerful counter picks in Brawlhalla:


Val vs. Teros

Teros, with his immense strength and hard-hitting attacks, can be a formidable opponent to face. However, Val, the agile sword-wielding legend, emerges as a potent counter pick against Teros’ slower and heavier playstyle. Val’s speed and sword attacks allow her to outmaneuver Teros and deliver quick, precise strikes. Additionally, Val’s “Gauntlet Down Light” and “Gauntlet Side Light” attacks provide excellent options for punishing Teros’ slower and more telegraphed moves. With Val’s ability to evade Teros’ attacks and deal rapid damage, she becomes an ideal legend to counter Teros’ power-based gameplay.


Ada vs. Hattori

Hattori, the nimble and fast-paced legend, can be a challenging opponent to keep up with. However, Ada, the laser-wielding legend with a focus on ranged attacks, serves as an excellent counter pick against Hattori’s agility. Ada’s signature weapon, the blasters, allow her to maintain distance and keep Hattori at bay. Her “Blasters Neutral Light” and “Blasters Side Light” attacks provide strong zoning and punish options against Hattori’s close-range aggression. Additionally, Ada’s “Spear Down Signature” can catch Hattori off guard and punish her evasive movements. With Ada’s ability to control the battlefield and counter Hattori’s speed, she becomes a formidable adversary in countering her aggressive playstyle.


Cross vs. Nix

Nix, the scythe-wielding legend with a focus on high damage and aerial attacks, can be a challenging opponent to handle. However, Cross, the gauntlet and blasters-wielding legend, proves to be the best matchup against Nix’s playstyle. Cross’s gauntlet attacks, such as “Gauntlet Down Signature” and “Gauntlet Neutral Signature,” provide strong punish options against Nix’s scythe moves. Additionally, Cross’s blasters offer excellent zoning and keep-away capabilities, preventing Nix from closing in and executing her devastating scythe combos. With Cross’s ability to disrupt Nix’s flow and control the pace of the match, he becomes the perfect choice for countering her scythe-focused gameplay.



Mastering counter picks is a crucial aspect of achieving success in Brawlhalla. By strategically selecting legends that can exploit the weaknesses of specific opponents, you gain a significant advantage in battles. We explored examples such as Val countering Teros, Ada countering Hattori, and Cross countering Nix.


However, it’s important to note that counter picks alone won’t guarantee victory in Brawlhalla. Effective gameplay, knowledge of each legend’s strengths and weaknesses, and skillful execution of combos and strategies are equally important. 


Here are a few additional tips to enhance your counter pick strategy in Brawlhalla:


  1. Study the matchups: Take the time to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each legend and how they interact with one another. Analyze the move sets, playstyles, and weapon combinations of your opponents to identify potential counter pick opportunities.

  2. Experiment with different legends: Don’t limit yourself to just a few legends. Invest time in exploring and mastering various characters to expand your options for counter picks. Each legend brings unique abilities and playstyles that can be advantageous in different matchups.

  3. Adapt to the situation: Counter picks should not be chosen solely based on the opponents’ legends. Consider other factors such as map layout, game mode, and the skill level of your opponents. Adapt your counter pick choices accordingly to optimize your chances of success.

  4. Practice, practice, practice: Once you’ve identified effective counter picks, dedicate time to practicing with those legends. Master their move sets, combos, and timing to maximize their potential in countering specific opponents. Regular practice will improve your overall gameplay and increase your chances of victory.

  5. Stay updated with the meta: Brawlhalla’s competitive scene is dynamic, with frequent balance changes and updates. Stay informed about patch notes, balance adjustments, and the evolving meta. This knowledge will help you make informed counter pick decisions based on the current state of the game.

Remember, counter picks are just one piece of the puzzle. Success in Brawlhalla comes from a combination of smart counter picking, strategic gameplay, and individual skill. Develop a well-rounded approach that combines counter picks with solid fundamentals to achieve victory.


In conclusion, mastering the art of counter picks in Brawlhalla can give you a significant advantage in competitive matches. We explored examples such as Val countering Teros, Ada countering Hattori, and Cross countering Nix. However, effective gameplay, knowledge of the legends, and skillful execution are equally important. Embrace the strategy of counter picks, invest time in practicing with various legends, and adapt your strategies to each matchup. With dedication and strategic thinking, you can rise to the top of the Brawlhalla leaderboards and showcase your prowess as a skilled player.


So, choose your legends wisely, analyze your opponents, and get ready to outsmart and outplay your way to victory with tactical counter picks in Brawlhalla!