HeroesCounter Picks
MarciBloodseeker, Dark Willow, Death Prophet, Axe, Lycan, Lifestealer
AbaddonAncient Apparition, Axe, Brewmaster, Doom Bringer, Lina, Outworld Destroyer
AlchemistAncient Apparition, Axe, Enchantress, Invoker, Kunkka, Lifestealer
Ancient ApparitionAnti-Mage, Brewmaster, Riki, Lycan, Mirana, Oracle
Anti-MageAxe, Bane, Disruptor, Doom Bringer, Faceless Void, Grimstroke
Arc WardenBroodmother, Invoker, Anti-Mage, Axe, Bristleback, Chaos Knight
AxeDoom Bringer, Jakiro, Lifestealer, Necrophos, Night Stalker, Outworld Destroyer
BaneAbaddon, Pudge, Luna, Rubick, Slark
BatriderAbaddon, Kunkka, Legion Commander, Nyx Assassin, Oracle, Tidehunter
BeastmasterAbaddon, Crystal Maiden, EnchantressEarthshaker, Keeper Of The Light, Oracle
BloodseekerAbaddon, Dazzle, Ember Spirit, Faceless Void, Medusa, Morphling
Bounty HunterBloodseeker, Death Prophet, Luna, Rubick, Slardar, Spectre
BrewmasterBane, Death Prophet, Lion, Outworld Destroyer, Shadow Shaman, Skywrath Mage
BristlebackAnti-Mage, Doom Bringer, Faceless Void, Grimstroke, Hoodwink, Legion Commander
BroodmotherAlchemist, Axe, Ancient Apparition, Bristleback, Dark Seer, Dragon Knight
Centaur WarrunnerClockwerk, Disruptor, Kunkka, Lifestealer, Necrophos, Nyx Assassin
Chaos KnightAbaddon, Anti Mage, Axe, Brewmaster, Dragon Knight, Earthshaker
ChenCrystal Maiden, Enchantress, Earthshaker, Legion Commander, Sven, Lina
ClinkzBloodseeker, Bounty Hunter, Doom Bringer, Enchantress, Lion, Morphling
ClockwerkAnti Mage, Chen, Clinkz, Dazzle, Disruptor, Ember Spirit
Crystal MaidenBounty Hunter, Bristleback, Clockwerk, Doom Bringer, Earth Spirit, Jakiro
Dark SeerAnti Mage, Bloodseeker, Ember Spirit, Kunkka, Oracle, Sniper
Dark WillowAnti-Mage, Axe, Bristleback, Drow, Ranger, Ember Spirit, Juggernaut
DawnbreakerViper, Nyx Assassin, Drow Ranger, Disruptor
DazzleAncient Apparition, Axe, Naga Siren, Outworld Destroyer, Phantom Lancer, Silencer
Death ProphetAncient Apparition, Anti Mage, Doom Bringer, Legion Commander, Shadow Demon, Omniknight
DisruptorAbaddon, Kunkka, Juggernaut, Lifestealer, Omniknight, Phantom Lancer
DoomAlchemist, Centaur Warrunner, Drow Ranger, Lifestealer, Lone Druid, Medusa
Dragon KnightAncient Apparition, Bristleback, Drow Ranger, Lich, Necrophos, Ursa
Drow RangerFaceless Void, Tinker, Arc Warden, Tusk, Axe, Clockwerk
Earth SpiritAbaddon, Lycan, Techies, Slark, Clockwerk
EarthshakerClockwerk, Death Prophet, Disruptor, Earth Spirit, Jakiro, Lifestealer
Elder TitanBrewmaster, Clockwerk, Lich, Lion, Sven, Juggernaut
Ember SpiritLion, Shadow Fiend, Silencer Storm, Spirit, Faceless Void, Omniknight
EnchantressRazor, Broodmother, Chen, Crystal Maiden, Juggernaut, Lina
EnigmaAbaddon, Anti Mage, Bloodseeker, Bristleback, Clinkz, Clockwerk
Faceless VoidAbaddon, Brewmaster, Dawnbreaker, Dazzle, Earth Spirit, Monkey King
GrimstrokePuck, Shadow Demon, Centaur Warrunner, Sniper, Vengeful Spirit
GyrocopterAnti-Mage, Arc Warden, Huskar, Faceless Void, Juggernaut, Lina
HoodwinkStorm Spirit, Timbersaw, Treant Protector, Vengeful Spirit, Beastmaster, Warlock
HuskarAbaddon, Alchemist, Ancient Apparition, Axe, Bristleback, Chaos Knight
InvokerAnti-Mage, Broodmother, Doom, Faceless Void, Juggernaut, Kunkka
IoAncient Apparition, Bloodseeker, Bristleback, Clinkz, Disruptor, Grimstroke
JakiroAnti-Mage, Clockwerk, Lifestealer, Oracle, Rubick, Silencer
JuggernautAxe, Bane, Chaos Knight, Enigma, Mars, Nature’s Prophet
Keeper of the LightJuggernaut, Legion Commander, Lifestealer, Night Stalker, Nyx Assassin, Bloodseeker
KunkkaClinkz, Ursa, Silencer, Mirana, Phoenix, Omniknight
Legion CommanderAbaddon, Axe, Arc Warden, Bane, Dazzle, Dragon Knight
LeshracPugna, Anti Mage, Clockwerk, Lifestealer, Nyx Assassin, Oracle
LichAnti-Mage, Bloodseeker, Broodmother, Huskar, Lycan, Nature’s Prophet
LifestealerAncient Apparition, Bane, Beastmaster, Chaos Knight, Clinkz, Terrorblade
LinaAnti-Mage, Faceless Void, Lifestealer, Nyx Assassin, Phantom Lancer, Silencer
LionAbaddon, Lifestealer, Puck, Rubick, Slark, Nyx Assassin
Lone DruidPhantom Assassin, Bristleback, Necrophos, Skywrath Mage, Grimstroke, Outworld Destroyer
LunaBristleback, Broodmother, Juggernaut, Lina, Meepo, Phantom Lancer
LycanAxe, Beastmaster, Bloodseeker, Bristleback, Earthshaker, Enigma
MagnusAlchemist, Bloodseeker, Disruptor, Huskar, Jakiro, Night Stalker
MarsAxe, Lifestealer, Riki, Batrider, Faceless Void, Huskar
MedusaAnti-Mage, Arc Warden, Bane, Broodmother, Invoker, Keeper Of The Light
MeepoAxe, Earthshaker, Elder Titan, Ember Spirit, Kunkka, Lion
MiranaAbaddon, Arc Warden, Bloodseeker, Lina, Lycan, Meepo
Monkey KingBatrider, Beastmaster, Bounty Hunter, Brewmaster, Disruptor, Enchantress
MorphlingAncient Apparition, Anti Mage, Arc Warden, Chaos Knight, Earth Spirit, Elder Titan
Naga SirenAxe, Batrider, Earthshaker, Lion, Outworld Destroyer, Timbersaw
Nature’s ProphetBatrider, Broodmother, Clockwerk, Death Prophet, Doom, Earthshaker
NecrophosAncient Apparition, Pugna, Silencer, Nyx Assassin, Dazzle, Lina
Night StalkerChaos Knight, Lycan, Naga Siren, Phantom Lancer, Sven, Troll Warlord
Nyx AssassinBounty Hunter, Bloodseeker, Brewmaster, Doom, Juggernaut, Visage
Ogre MagiChaos Knight, Doom, Lifestealer, Meepo, Phantom Lancer, Omniknight
OmniknightBrewmaster, Doom, Invoker, Luna, Naga Siren, Oracle
OracleAnti-Mage, Axe, Bristleback, Faceless Void, Shadow Demon, Spectre
Outworld DestroyerNyx Assassin, Rubick, Silencer, Sniper, Templar Assassin
PangolierBloodseeker, Centaur Warrunner, Faceless Void, Grimstroke, Medusa, Outworld Destroyer
Phantom AssassinAxe, Bane, Broodmother, Centaur Warrunner, Dragon Knight, Lina
Phantom LancerAxe, Batrider, Bristleback, Centaur Warrunner, Dragon Knight, Earthshaker
PhoenixNight Stalker, Arc Warden, Huskar, Ursa, Silencer, Meepo
PuckArc Warden, Faceless Void, Jakiro, Lycan, Night Stalker, Nyx Assassin
PudgeAbaddon, Anti Mage, Bristleback, Bounty Hunter, Doom, Legion Commander
PugnaAnti-Mage, Clockwerk, Chaos Knight, Luna, Nyx Assassin, Oracle
Queen of PainAnti-Mage, Arc Warden, Axe, Bloodseeker, Centaur Warrunner, Death Prophet
Wraith KingAnti-Mage, Broodmother, Chaos Knight, Juggernaut, Invoker, Lion
RazorAnti-Mage, Chaos Knight, Centaur Warrunner, Earth Spirit, Huskar, Morphling
RikiAxe, Bounty Hunter, Bristleback, Legion Commander, Meepo, Omniknight
RubickBristleback, Broodmother, Clinkz, Legion Commander, Phantom Lancer, Riki
Sand KingEarth Spirit, Phoenix, Rubick, Silencer, Tidehunter, Zeus
Shadow DemonEmber Spirit, Leshrac, Lina, Lion, Puck, Pugna
Shadow FiendAxe, Razor, Bane, Bounty Hunter, Disruptor, Doom
Shadow ShamanDragon Knight, Mirana, Morphling, Meepo, Riki, Wraith King
SilencerBroodmother, Dragon Knight, Lycan, Nyx Assassin, Phantom Assassin, Phantom Lancer
Skywrath MageAnti-Mage, Huskar, Abaddon, Pugna, Nyx Assassin, Wraith King
SlardarAbaddon, Meepo, Oracle, Phantom Lancer, Phoenix
SlarkAncient Apparition, Axe, Bloodseeker, Chaos Knight, Disruptor, Earthshaker
SnapfireAnti Mage, Silencer, Nyx Assassin, Ancient Apparition, Juggernaut, Abaddon
SniperAnti Mage, Axe, Bloodseeker, Bounty Hunter, Centaur Warrunner, Clockwerk
SpectreAnti Mage, Doom, Juggernaut, Lifestealer, Lion, Lycan
Spirit BreakerDisruptor, Omniknight, Clockwerk, Ember Spirit, Outworld Destroyer, Enigma
Storm SpiritAnti Mage, Doom, Ember Spirit, Night Stalker, Nyx Assassin, Riki
SvenClockwerk, Lifestealer, Pugna, Razor, Omniknight, Spectre
TechiesAbaddon, Anti Mage, Death Prophet, Juggernaut, Lifestealer, Viper
Templar AssassinVenomancer, Windranger, Leshrac, Phoenix, Batrider, Viper
TerrorbladeDrow Ranger, Earth Spirit, Axe, Elder Titan, Ursa, Lina
TidehunterAnti Mage, Nyx Assassin, Death Prophet, Razor, Juggernaut, Rubick
TimbersawBane, Doom, Ember Spirit, Faceless Void, Invoker, Lion
TinkerAnti Mage, Clockwerk, Dazzle, Doom, Legion Commander, Lifestealer
TinyBristleback, Chaos Knight, Juggernaut, Lifestealer, Lion, Necrophos
Treant ProtectorMonkey King, Phantom Lancer, Rubick, Slardar, Timbersaw
Troll WarlordAxe, Bane, Shadow Shaman, Chaos Knight, Crystal Maiden, Lich
TuskAnti Mage, Disruptor, Earth Spirit, Earthshaker, Phantom Lancer, Razor
UnderlordNecrophos, Razor, Luna, Disruptor, Kunkka, Doom
UndyingAlchemist, Earthshaker, Gyrocopter, Luna, Necrophos, Silencer
UrsaAnti Mage, Bane, Chaos Knight, Doom, Lion, Phantom Lancer
Vengeful SpiritAnti Mage, Lina, Nyx Assassin, Phantom Lancer, Rubick, Spirit Breaker
VenomancerAbaddon, Anti Mage, Huskar, Legion, Commander, Oracle, Rubick
ViperBane, Broodmother, Chaos Knight, Invoker, Morphling, Lifestealer
VisageAxe, Doom, Luna, Phoenix, Tidehunter, Timbersaw
Void SpiritBane, Bloodseeker, Death Prophet, Bounty Hunter, Doom, Ember Spirit
WarlockWeaver, Anti Mage, Silencer, Dark Seer, Ember Spirit, Lycan
WeaverAxe, Bloodseeker, Drow Ranger, Faceless Void, Night Stalker, Nyx Assassin
WindrangerAxe, Bloodseeker, Centaur Warrunner, Nyx Assassin, Ember Spirit, Razor
Winter WyvernAncient Apparition, Invoker, Luna, Naga Siren, Omniknight, Outworld Destroyer
Witch DoctorFaceless Void, Kunkka, Lina, Luna, Morphling, Omniknight
ZeusAnti Mage, Faceless Void, Chaos Knight, Juggernaut, Lifestealer, Meepo

Dota 2: Unleashing Strategic Counter Picks for Victorious Battles

Are you ready to conquer the battlegrounds of Dota 2? As a player of this renowned multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, you know that selecting the right heroes is crucial to achieving victory. Understanding the concept of counter picks is essential in gaining a strategic advantage over your opponents. In this article, we will delve into the world of counter picks in Dota 2 and explore why certain heroes excel as formidable counters to specific opponents. Prepare to master the art of counter picks and dominate the Dota 2 battlefield!


Unveiling the Power of Counter Picks

Counter picking in Dota 2 revolves around strategically selecting heroes whose abilities and attributes can effectively counter or exploit the strengths and weaknesses of specific opponents. By carefully analyzing the enemy lineup and making wise counter pick choices, you can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Let’s dive into a few examples of powerful counter picks in Dota 2:


Anti-Mage vs. Medusa

Medusa, the late-game powerhouse with her split-shot attacks and Stone Gaze ultimate, can pose a significant threat to the enemy team. However, Anti-Mage, the elusive carry hero, emerges as a potent counter pick against Medusa. Anti-Mage’s Mana Break ability drains Medusa’s mana pool rapidly, rendering her unable to use her devastating abilities effectively. Furthermore, Anti-Mage’s Blink ability allows him to close the gap quickly and deal massive physical damage to Medusa, who relies on her high health pool. With Anti-Mage’s ability to nullify Medusa’s mana-based strength, he becomes the ideal hero to shut her down and secure victory.


Nyx Assassin vs. Storm Spirit

Storm Spirit, the highly mobile and spellcasting hero, can be a challenging opponent to deal with. However, Nyx Assassin, the sneaky intelligence hero, serves as an excellent counter pick against Storm Spirit’s hit-and-run tactics. Nyx Assassin’s Spiked Carapace ability reflects incoming damage and stuns, making it difficult for Storm Spirit to burst down Nyx Assassin quickly. Additionally, Nyx Assassin’s Vendetta ultimate allows him to become invisible and deal bonus damage, catching Storm Spirit off-guard and eliminating him before he can escape. With Nyx Assassin’s ability to punish Storm Spirit’s aggressive playstyle, he becomes a formidable adversary and turns the tables in your favor.


Bane vs. Enigma

Enigma, the master of black holes and team-wiping combos, is a force to be reckoned with in team fights. However, Bane, the nightmare-inducing support hero, presents a powerful counter pick against Enigma’s game-changing ultimate. Bane’s Nightmare ability can be cast on Enigma during his Black Hole channeling, interrupting the spell and rendering Enigma useless for a few seconds. Additionally, Bane’s Fiend’s Grip ultimate can be used to disable Enigma, preventing him from initiating team fights effectively. With Bane’s ability to control and shut down Enigma’s impactful abilities, he becomes an essential hero to neutralize the threat and secure victory.



In the dynamic world of Dota 2, mastering counter picks is crucial for achieving success in battle. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different heroes and strategically selecting powerful counter picks can give you a significant advantage over your opponents. We explored examples such as Anti-Mage countering Medusa, Nyx Assassin countering Storm Spirit, and Bane countering Enigma.


Remember, counter picks are just one aspect of a successful strategy. Communication, teamwork, and overall game knowledge are also vital components of Dota success. Work with your team to coordinate your counter pick choices and devise strategies that take advantage of your hero matchups.


Stay informed about the meta and balance changes in Dota 2. The game is constantly evolving, and certain heroes may receive buffs or nerfs that can affect their viability as counter picks. Keeping up with patch notes and watching professional matches can provide valuable insights into the current state of the game and help you make informed counter pick decisions.


Experiment with different hero combinations and strategies. Dota 2 offers a vast roster of heroes, each with unique abilities and playstyles. By exploring different matchups and team compositions, you can discover new synergies and surprise your opponents with unexpected counter picks.


In addition to hero selection, always prioritize your overall gameplay skills, map awareness, and decision-making. Counter picks alone won’t guarantee victory if you lack fundamental game knowledge and mechanics. Invest time in practicing and honing your abilities to maximize your effectiveness in the game.


Engage with the Dota 2 community to learn and grow. Participate in online forums, watch live streams and tournaments, and join local or online leagues. By interacting with fellow players, discussing strategies, and analyzing professional matches, you can gain valuable insights and improve your understanding of counter picks in Dota 2.


In conclusion, mastering counter picks is a crucial aspect of achieving success in Dota 2. By strategically selecting heroes that can exploit the weaknesses of specific opponents, you gain a significant advantage in the game. We explored examples such as Anti-Mage countering Medusa, Nyx Assassin countering Storm Spirit, and Bane countering Enigma.


Remember to adapt your counter pick choices based on the evolving meta and balance changes, communicate effectively with your team, and continuously improve your overall gameplay skills. With a deep understanding of counter picks and a well-coordinated team, you can dominate the Dota 2 battlefield and claim victory.


So, embrace the art of counter picks, analyze matchups carefully, and prepare to outsmart and outplay your opponents on your path to becoming a Dota 2 champion!